My name is Kaila Barajas

My journey to becoming a doula began after giving birth to my daughter in 2018. My birthing experience was far from what I expected. I felt as though I was being ignored and put off whenever I asked a question or needed clarification. I had a student doula present, but all she did was observe. In my postpartum period I dug deeper into the role of a doula and how she should have helped me. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a doula! Through the International Doula Institute I am a certified birth and postpartum doula and extending my education to be a childbirth educator and lactation consultant.
I believe that my personal experience has allowed me to have empathy towards other birthing people to best emotionally, physically and informationally support them and their partners. Being a doula has been such an amazing experience! I am forever grateful to all of the families that have allowed me to be a part of their special experience.

“I would recommend Kaila as a doula to anyone. She was a powerful and essential component in the most important day of our life.” Mr. and Mrs. A.
“Kaila's love, encouragement, and skills helped me to have a truly amazing birthing experience.” Mrs. L
My Training
Certified Labor Doula

International Doula Institute 2020

Certified Postpartum Doula

International Doula Institute 2020

Darling Doula

Tel: (352)553-5404

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