Birth Doula Support

$600 - For Full Birth Doula Services

$500 For experienced parents who have previously given vaginal birth and who are looking for a simplified service only and no in-person prenatals. 

You want to greet labor with knowledge, connection, and trust while feeling supported and safe. As your doula, I will help you prepare for the amazing journey ahead.

Birth Doula Services

  • 2 Prenatal In-Home Visits 

  • Unlimited Email/Text/Phone Support

  • On-Call 24/7 Starting at 38 Weeks 

  • Help Writing Birth Plan/Goals

  • Continuous Support During Labor at Home, Birth Center, or Hospital

  • Present 1-2 Hours After Baby's Arrival to Assist with Breastfeeding

  • Postpartum Visit Upon Request

* $75 fee for clients outside of servicing area

Postpartum Doula Support

I am there to help facilitate the new rhythyms of breastfeeding, support clean nutrition, and help make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible.

Postpartum Doula Services

  • Teach postpartum belly massage

  • Provide practical suggestions to increase milk supply

  • Support clean nutrition through meal prep

  • Help create new normals that are safe and secure, thus increasing peace for the new parents

  • Newborn care while mother and partner are resting

  • Light house organization, laundry, food prep for future use, and pet care

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

  • Perform any clinical tasks‚Äč

  • Make decisions for you

  • Speak to the staff on your behalf

  • Project my own beliefs onto your experience

Darling Doula

Tel: (352)553-5404

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